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A New Benefit for Today’s Workplace

Like it or not, personal financial and legal matters are zapping your employee’s productivity.  How your employees handle these issues at work directly affect your bottom line and/or effectiveness of delivering products and services to your clients or the general public. 

According to the Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation, the average worker spends 16 hours a month, or 10% of a 40-hour work week, on non-work related issues due to financial concerns. Given an individual’s average annual wage of $30,000 x 10 percent loss of productivity, the estimated cost to an employer of 150 workers is $450,000 per year.

Home buyers in particular appear ill-prepared to take out a home loan, answering basic questions about loan information wrong nearly half of the time (46%) according to a recent Zillow Marketplace survey (2011). In fact, 44% admitted they are NOT confident in their knowledge of home loans or the process. “Each year many buyers commit to the largest loan they’ll ever take out in their lifetime without understanding essential information about home loans,” said Zillow Director, Erin Lantz.

DreamPath has been designed to help mitigate stress and save time and money for employees during some of the most life’s most stressful events.  Among these are buying, selling, and financing a home.  Our mission is so provide employees with pre-negotiated discounts on a variety of real estate related services while ensuring the highest level of service, integrity, and professionalism during the delivery of these services.  In addition, for those individuals who would like to attain the dream of homeownership, but lack the knowledge or financial wherewithal to achieve that end goal, we strive to provide information, education, and personalized guidance to get them on the right path.  Moreover, some of our benefits offer products and services beyond the scope of real estate, helping employees with a low cost solution to a wide variety of legal matters and protection against the fast growing crime of identity theft.

With these goals in mind, we spent years researching and negotiating terms with the most trustworthy, knowledgeable, and experienced service providers we could find on both a local and national level.  In doing so, employees of our member organization can be assured that they are in good hands while receiving ultra-competitive deals when buying, selling, or financing a home.  This will significantly reduce the time and effort needed to research, plan, and negotiate the various services needed during these processes.  Employees can save thousands of dollars on a typical real estate transaction.

So why should your organization offer DreamPath benefits to your employees? 

In addition to the statistics cited above, consider the following:

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At no cost to the employer, DreamPath is truly a win-win for employers and employees alike.  Although there is nothing quite like DreamPath on the market today, unlike other supposed benefit/affinity marketing programs, there is no smoke and mirrors; no bait and switch allowed.  We continually vet our partners to ensure this promise is kept.  Your employees will truly save time and money, along with valuable financial education and personalized guidance, resulting in less stress and more productivity for you as the employer.  We welcome you to contact us to learn more about this exciting new employee benefit.  Your employees will thank you!