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About Us

DreamPath, Inc. is a niche voluntary benefits company offering non-traditional voluntary group benefits for all your home buying, selling, and financing needs. These exclusive benefits are unavailable to the general public and entitle employees of member organizations to valuable discounts and exceptional service on a variety of products and services needed by current or prospective homeowners, including mortgage loans, real estate brokerage, insurance, moving & storage, legal services and identity theft protection.

These benefits are coordinated and managed by DreamPath and delivered by our third party service providers. We have spent years researching and negotiating terms with the most competitive, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and experienced industry leaders on both a local and national level. In order to meet our stringent partnership requirements, these service providers have agreed to offer a meaningful discount or benefit unavailable to the general public, and to provide unparalleled, and where applicable, priority service. Because we take this commitment seriously, DreamPath regularly monitors and review all of our partners to ensure these agreements and standards are continually upheld.

Our mission is to save our members time and money and reduce stress when buying selling, or financing a home, and to educate, protect, and prepare them for homeownership in the future if the time is not right today.  But the benefits don’t stop at homeownership…employees of member organizations will receive some ancillary benefits as well. For example, our group legal plan covers more than just real estate and financing matters. Once an employee has enrolled in the legal plan you have access to thousands of attorneys for a wide variety of substantial legal matters at no additional cost. Beyond homeowner’s insurance, you will receive additional discounts on your auto policy when combined with the policy on your home. Renters can also take advantage or many of our benefits. 

In summary, employees of DreamPath member organizations will be at an advantage when dealing with life's most stressful events.  And by offering this benefit, our member organizations reinforce their commitment to their employees personal financial well being. 

Whether you are an employee of an existing member organization seeking information on your benefits, or wish to have this benefit offered at your organization, don't hesitate to contact us.  We are here to help!